At TKD Security Services Limited we take your privacy and security very seriously at every level in all the methods of contact that we have with you. We always have. Now there is the new law in place that would have been very hard to ignore. We completely agree that people should be able to manage their personal data and have the right to be anonymous if they choose. In line with the law TKD has its legal privacy policy (link will appear here to a downloadable document) in place.

If we have any of your personal data it is because you have chosen to provide us this information yourself. We do not collect data from any other source. Any information you provide us is completely confidential and is not supplied or shared with any other party.

Unless you are a client who uses our services the only data we have about you is what you have chosen to share with us. Any personal data you have given us is kept secure. We keep any emails that may have been sent to you or you have sent to us. No one else has that access to your personal data. This data is kept for five years from last contact.

We limit the amount of contact we have with you for marketing purposes. 

If you have become a client, the details of the company and contacts are stored electronically. This information is stored securely and is only accessible to the TKD management team. 

You can access your data at any time – please just ask us. You of course have the right to ask us to remove or destroy your data and notes at any time. To do this please email us at

For further information on the change in the law please go to the Information Commissioners website.