The busy world of retail puts a high demand on security. With thieves turning to more and more desperate measures, it is down to the vigilance of frontline staff and the abilities of the security officers to limit the impact of they have on your business.

It isn’t too surprising to learn that shoplifting, especially in the retail environment is still a very big problem. Even with the masses of CCTV that are now present in everyday life, would be thieves are resorting to new tactics to get away with not paying for goods.

TKD Security can offer various ways of providing the necessary security boosts to stop lost profits including:

  • uniformed security officers: Visual deterrents to ward off would-be thieves and have a real presence in your shop
  • plain clothed security officers: Discreet and alert officers ready to act in case of theft
  • response units: Highly skilled individuals capable of effectively responding to any incident that may arise.